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Before and After – A Kitchen Fit for a Baker

Monday, March 26th, 2012

A kitchen remodel requires a lot of time, care and attention-to-detail during the planning stage. Not only is FUNCTION the number one goal for this heavy-duty room, but we also want it to be a welcoming place to spend time in.  We all love hanging out in the kitchen, don’t we?

My client is a retired professional baker who owned her own bakery.  She still loves to bake and prepare meals for her large family; and there is always something yummy baking in her oven for anyone who happens to stop in.

Kitchen Before



When entertaining family and friends, my client felt isolated in her kitchen. In the photo above, the wall to the left divided the kitchen from the family room.

Her heavy mixer and large bins of flour and sugar were heavy and difficult to lift and carry.

The dishwasher was in an awkward position to the corner sink.

A convenient area for all of her baking supplies and appliances was needed.

The two ovens were not quite enough for her needs.

Kitchen Remodel "After"



The wall that was separating the kitchen from the family room came down! In its place, we added a large island with a sink and a bar counter area for visiting with the cook. I had the best blackberry pie of my life sitting at this counter (fresh berries from her garden!).

TIP – When considering the removal of a wall, have a licensed contractor check to make sure the walls are not load-bearing – very important!

In addition to the two wall ovens (can’t see them in this photo), we had a range installed for a third and larger oven.

Kitchen Nook Before



Another wall came down in the nook area! The wall with the floral pictures divided the kitchen nook from the small dining room.  The small dining room became the new “kitchen nook” and the never-used living room became the new dining room (the next “before” and “after” post).

The existing peninsula was removed which really opened up the kitchen.

Kitchen Island with Pot Rack



The kitchen nook area is now a “baking station” with a new island. The island has a mechanical lift for her commercial mixer. No more lifting! Across from the island are two wall ovens and a pantry, which holds large sugar and flour bins on wheels. The floor of the pantry is flush with the kitchen floor so the bins can easily roll in and out.

The pot rack gives her an opportunity to display her beautiful collection of french copper pots. They had to be dragged out of storage!

TIP – Need extra storage, but still want a more open look. Try upper cabinets like these shown above. This cabinet has glass on all sides with glass interior shelves. Don’t forget to add lighting inside the cabinet!


My client is thrilled with her high-function kitchen and revised floor plan. She and her husband entertain frequently and the smell of something delicious always greets you upon entering their lovely home.


This was a very large whole-house remodel. Not everyone is able to re-create their entire home in this way. Don’t let that stop you from making smaller changes. Wonders can be made even on a smaller budget. See my posts on “Painted Kitchen Cabinets“  and “Quick and Easy Updates” for some budget-friendly inspiration.