Consignment Finds

When I’m looking for well-made and unique furniture at incredibly low prices (!), I have a few go-to spots. I love an estate sale, antique store, swap meet or my favorite – the consignment store!

BTW, swap meet – is this a California or west coast thing? I wish we called them flea markets like the rest of the world (and spoken with an English accent!).

Anyway, today I’m giving you a tour of some of the highlights of my consignment store shopping excursion.

Fireplace Mantle

This was the deal of the day! This gorgeous french-style fireplace surround was in good condition and selling for only $299. I’m not sure why, I double checked the price – no mistake. I really wanted to pick this one up, but couldn’t think of anyone that needed it.  A warehouse for my finds is on my wish list!

Model ship

This model sailing ship was in perfect shape and would be a great gift for Father’s Day at $269. The detail was amazing!

Farmhouse Table

This farmhouse table with bench and chairs was only $799. It was made of solid wood and in excellent condition. I’d say the quality was a B minus. Still, a great bargain.

Screen and chair

The chair was $149 and was well-made with new upholstery and down-filled cushions.  The fabric alone would have cost much more than this!

The room screen/divider was just okay quality, more cute than anything -  great for a young girl’s room.  No price was listed. I didn’t want to ask because they were busy with a new shipment of items and I was playing beat-the-clock that day.

Glass vessel sink

This glass vessel sink normally goes for much more than this. What a great buy and a great look for someone’s powder bath!


Picture this chest and mirror painted white, turquoise, or some other fun color. Add some crystal knobs and you have something special.  Great buy for the DIY’er at $229.

blue and white Accessories

They also have a lot of accessories; from lamps to china – all at discounted prices. So fun to sift through it all!

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find anything on your first visit. It may be the third or twentieth visit before you find your treasure; buried amongst the wares. Aside from saving tons of money (we all love that!!),  the whole purpose of shopping at a consignment store or swap flea market is really all about the thrill of the hunt (and filling your home with things that you love). Happy hunting!

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2 Responses to “Consignment Finds”

  1. Amy says:

    If your working with someone on a budge will you help consignment shop for them?

  2. Lori Hollis says:

    Absolutely! I’ve gone shopping with clients there in the past. I also go on regular “sweeps” and always have my clients in mind.